Water Amusement Park

Lauku street 5, Ventspils

Ventspils Water Amusement Park offers sports, recreation and recovery facilities for residents and athletes of all ages. 

The Sports complex offers large and small swimming pools, athletic hall, aerobics hall, while the Water attractions and SPA complex - relaxation and entertainment in water attractions and SPA.

More information and prices - www.udensparks.lv 

Water attractions and SPA complex

The part of water attractions:

there is an artificial waving pool, 1,3 m deep, in the water amusement part, where waving is activated periodically once an hour. The swimming pool is equipped with back-stream massage and water jets. This part comprises also a hot swimming pool with water cascade and horizontal massage jets, a swimming pool for children with statuettes shaped as a snake, bird and mushroom, as well as two slides 53 m and 56 m long and 6 m high, "Mountain River", two SPA baths and sauna.

The SPA part:

of the Water attractions and the SPA complex comprises three different baths, the salt room, cold water pool, massage showers, cold water bucket and a generator of artificial ice.

Services of both - the part of water attractions and the SPA part are available in combination or separately. Duration of one visit of the Water attractions and the SPA complex of the Ventspils Water Amusement Park is 2 hours, the visitors are offered also day tickets.

Sports complex

The big swimming pool 

Length of the swimming pool, suitable for competitions, is 25 m, depth at the ends of the swimming pool is 1m 78 cm and 1m 32 cm accordingly. The swimming pool has 4 lanes.

The little swimming pool

Length 12,75 m; depth from 0,75 m up to 1,22 m, equipped with back-stream, underwater massage, underwater lighting and sauna.

The Athletics Hall 

The hall is equipped with new and modern exercise units manufactured in the USA. To provide a complete training, visitors of the hall are offered an individual training programme drawn up by a professional trainer, taking into account physical preparedness and requirements of each client.

Aerobics hall 

In Ventspils Water Amusement Park aerobics classes take place in two rooms equipped with modern Reebok fitness equipment.

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