December 30 : Olympic Centre “Ventspils” foundation meeting;

February 8: the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia;

May: launching of two tennis courts with artificial cover;

October 25: opening of the basketball hall;

Renovation of stadium, construction of modern natural grass cover football pitch with heating possibilities; ;
Beginning of ice hall construction that together with track and field arena is finished on November 2000 and is acknowledged as that year’s  best newly constructed building;

April: openig of renovated stadium with a modern heated natural lawn football pitch

August: opening of summer skate park which in the following years is being updated;

Olympic Centre “Ventspils” starts to manage the Water Amusement Park;
Summer: opening of another two new tennis courts
Autumn: beginning of Beach Aqua Park construction which s opened on May 2002;

May: Beach Aqua Park is updated with additional new constructions;
Opening of Olympic Centre “Ventspils” hotel ***;
Renovation of stadium

August 1: opening of football stadium on Katoļu Street 40;
Autumn: winter skate park is open to its visitors;
December: skiing hill “Lemberga Hūte” is open to its visitors;

Summer Skate Park is updated with a large ramp;
Opening of sports hall “Pārventa”;;
Beginning of construction of sports hall “Centre”;

Reconstruction of the football pitch nearby the sports hall “Pārventa”
“Adventure Park” and BMX  race track and football pitch is open to its visitors;
Beginning of reconstruction of Ventspils Water Amusement Park;
Spring: beginning of construction of “Adventure Park” service building which starts to work at the end of 2007

May: opemimg of sports hall “Centre”;
“Adventure Park” is updated with new attractions for familes;
Additional construction works for the café of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” are started which are finished at the beginning of 2009.

December: finishing of large scale reconstruction  works of Ventspls Water Amusement Park.

Since May till December 2011: creation of mini-pitch football pitch with a synthetic cover on Sporta Street 5;
August:  construction of Conference Hall in the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” hotel on Prospect Lielais 33.

From July till November: tennis court reconstruction on Sports Street 5;

April: beginning of reconstruction of rowing complex “Dampeļi”;
August: beginning of reconstruction works of service building in Adventure Park..

From July to September reconstruction works are carried out on the Ice hall

In May the reconstruction of the rowing base "Dampeļi" was completed

Adventure park amusement zone creation and construction of a warehouse building

Service house reconstruction in the Adventure Park

In December, the Basketball Hall reconstruction work was completed (repair of stands, floor reconstruction, new scoreboard, reconstructed ventilation system, power supply improvement).

Reconstruction of athletics stadium and arena

Artificial lawn covered at the Football Stadium in Katolu street

Improvement of BMX track

Street Workout Stadium construction

Street Workout Stadium opening in the Olympic Center area

Ssetting up a Beach volleyball stadium on the Blue Flag beach

Opening of a new athletics and fitness hall, and reconstruction of the football field at the Pārventa Sports Complex.

Expansion of the athletic gym in the Water Amusement park.

reveals a reconstructed tennis court with two fields

Opening of the reconstructed athletics hall in the Basketball Hall.