Ice Hall

Sporta street 7/9, Ventspils

The Ice Hall was built in Ventspils in 2000. It provides perfect opportunities for engaging in various sports activities: short-tracking, figure-skating, hockey and curling every day. Public skating is offered as well.

In 2013 the Ice Hall was reconstructed – the ice arena was increased from 29m to 30m in width, now meeting the requirements set for international short-tracking competitions.

Total area of the ice arena is 1970 m2, its seat capacity is 942, wardrobes can be used by 240 persons at a time.

The Ice Hall is a favourite place for sports and recreational activities of Ventspils inhabitants, as well as professional workouts of young figure-skaters and hockey-players not only from other Latvian cities, but also from Russia, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Sweden and other countries.

Public skating

For those, who like skating, the Ice Hall offers free scheduled public skating sessions every day. Visitors can use their own or rented skates. Public skating recreation is possible under disco lights or in hockey-like atmosphere.

Information on public skating sessions is available HERE.

The Ice Hall hire shop provides inventory for figure-skating, hockey or curling.

Skate sharpening is available, phone: +371 25958607.

If you need the Ice Hall areas for competitions, workouts or concerts, please contact the Ice Hall Manager Ainars Zablovskis, tel. +371 29476966.


Type of service Unit of measure

Price incl.VAT


Price 15 min.


Price 30 min.


Price 45 min.


Use of ice area *
including shower, changing room
1 hour 195,00 49,00 97,50 146,50 hockey game including 2 changing rooms, scoreboard, audio, light fixtures for competitions, changing rooms fro coaches
1 hour 130,00 32,50 65,00 97,50 time of training session beginning from 8.00 till 15.00
1 hour 150,00 37,50 75,00 112,50 time of training session beginning from 15.00 till 24.00
1 hour 150,00 37,50 75,00 112,50 on holidays time of training session beginning from 08.00 till 24.00
* There is a possibility to divide the time of use of ice area - ¼ hour (15 min.), ½  hour (30 min.), ¾  hour (45 min.). Other division is not possible.


Type of service Unit of measure

Unit of measure


Visiting of skating-rink 1 hour 4.00 skating
1 hour 6.00 skating with disco lights
1 hour 7.00 skating with hockey
1 hour 2,50 skating for School children, full-time students, pensioners
1 hour 5.00 skating with hockey for School children, full-time students, pensioners
8 times 29.00 membership card - skating
8 times 44.00 membership card - skating with disco lights and skating with hockey
For children under 6 years (inclusive), which havet to be accompanied by an adult the skating visit is for free.
Rent of equipment 1 pair/hour 3.50 rent of skates
1 pair/hour 2.00 rent of skates for children of Ventspils sports clubs
1 pair/24 hours 10.00 rent of skates
1 game 1.50 Rent of slider

**  by showing the identity document of the pupil, student, pensioner

Shop “Sports Lukss”

On the second floor of the ice hall there is a shop “Sports Lukss” offering to buy different kind of sports equipment. For further information, visit the home page: .

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