Sports Complex Parventa

Tārgales street 5b, Ventspils

The sports complex Parventa comprises the sports hall Parventa with a modern gym and a sports climbing wall, as well as an athletics hall and a fitness hall next to the sports hall, and a football field with artificial surface behind the sports hall. 

The sports hall Parventa was put into operation in September 2006. It is adequately equipped for the development of indoor football activities and football workouts for children and youth, as well as for the football teams of the city during the winter period. The hall contains 6 wardrobes, which can be used by 180 persons at a time.


Total area of the sports game hall is 45 x 25m, with its seating capacity of 300. The hall has universal synthetic flooring with amortizing cushions to protect against fall-related injuries. This flooring is used in Latvia for the first time. The hall is suitable for handball, volleyball, floorball, football, basketball, badminton competitions, meeting all international standards.


The sports climbing wall in the Sports Hall Parventa is split into four climbing lanes, with 15 coloured routes. The wall is 11 m high and consists of 3-meter-wide classic wall and 3-meter-wide wall with negative overhang. There is also a 3-meter-high and 6-meter-wide bouldering wall. The sports climbing wall at the Sports Hall Parventa is perfect for beginners and group trainings.

The climbing wall of the Sports Hall Parventa is closed in summer, with an alternative climbing wall offered in the Sports House Centre.


The athletics hall was opened in the Sports Complex Parventa in September 2017. The athletics hall and the fitness hall were created by reconstructing the assembly hall and the library of the 3rd secondary school. A special passage connects them to the Sports Hall Parventa. The athletics hall and the fitness hall have new flooring, new heating and ventilation systems, new showers, toilets and wardrobes.

The athletics and fitness hall of 285 m² is equipped with modern inventory, making it possible for the high-class sportsmen to arrange qualitative workouts. It is also open for the inhabitants of Parventa and the left bank of Venta, sportsmen of the spots clubs, and pupils of Ventspils 3rd secondary school during their sports classes.


Sports Complex Parventa was granted an artificial football lawn produced by the German company Polytan as a gift from Latvian Football Federation. The football field is suitable for everyday workouts and competitions.

Thanks to the financial support from Ventspils City Council, the football field is open for the inhabitants of the city free of charge, beginning from April:

  • on working days from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
  • on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Due to competitions, free opening hours of the football field may be changed. Information on changes will be available at the cash desk of the Sports Hall Parventa.