Physiotherapy Centre

Sporta street 7/9, Ventspils

A new physiotherapy centre was opened in a solemn atmosphere in the Olympic Centre Ventspils, on the first floor of the Basketball Hall, next to the office of the sports physician, in 2018.

The leading specialist of the new certified physiotherapy centre is a well-known Latvian physiotherapist Raivis Arsauskis with a 24-year experience in physiotherapy, and creation and implementation of diversified rehabilitation programs. Physiotherapist Simona Laura Kozlovska also works in Ventspils.

The priority purpose of the physiotherapy centre is to provide healthcare services to the students of the sports school Spars and Ventspils sportsmen. Ventspils citizens can also receive physiotherapeutic services in the new centre at a certain time.

Physiotherapeutic services are needed in case of bone, joint, muscle, ligament, sinew traumas and diseases, during pre-surgery and post-surgery periods – in case of problems related to the nervous system, the heart and blood-vessels, the respiratory system. Physiotherapy is also required in the process of physical training and recovery, it ensures functional medical examinations – posture, height, weight, balance, coordination and power tests.

Professional and experienced physiotherapists in Ventspils offer recovery after sports injuries, body composition tests by using a segmental body composition analyser, thus identifying the weight of each part of the body, and exercise therapy, taping, heat therapy and physical therapy.

As recommended by the doctor, students of the sports school Spars and sportsmen of the sports clubs can receive the following services free of charge: physical therapy, massage, soft tissue techniques, manual joint mobilization, exercise therapy training, taping and medical treatment control.

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