Beach Volleyball Stadium

Blue Flag Beach of Ventspils

The Beach Volleyball Stadium was opened on the Blue Flag Beach of Ventspils in 2017.

The Beach Volleyball Stadium comprises five beach volleyball courts, cloth lockers, warehouse and coach room, as well as showers. Volleyball courts are perfectly illuminated and are normally supplemented with portable tiers of seats holding 48 spectators, but, if necessary, the Beach Volleyball Stadium can be transformed into the international competition venue with one central volleyball court, three additional courts and spectator tiers for up to 1000 persons.

Presently, it is known for its high-quality infrastructure equipped with modern sports facilities for students of the Beach Volleyball Club Bloks and other Ventspils inhabitants, as well as the best volleyball players of Latvia. The new Beach Volleyball Stadium is suitable to host international and Latvian competitions. The project was implemented on the initiative of the Beach Volleyball Club Bloks, and thanks to the cooperation between the local government of Ventspils City and the Ministry of Education and Science.

To popularize a healthy lifestyle, to create more opportunities for practicing sport, and, respecting a growing interest in sport, the year of 2016 became a start for the development of the beach volleyball infrastructure. Last autumn four public volleyball courts solemnly opened their doors on the right and left bank of Venta. Today the citizens of Ventspils are offered 9 beach volleyball courts.

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