Sports Hall “Centre”


Construction of Sports Hall “Centre” started at the beginning of 2007 and on May, 2008 it was opened to visitors. Construction works were performed by “Pilsbūve” Ltd with the support from Ministry of Defence of the Republic o Latvia and Ventspils City Municipality.

Total area of the sports hall is 2360.1 m² and it has many innovations – modern shooting gallery with 8 shooting tracks and the largest mountain climber wall in the Baltic States; furthermore it has a complex sports hall and heavy athletics hall, outdoor sports field and track and field athletics sectors. Nearby the hall there is a parking place that can be used or free.

Sports hall “Centre” holds practices for pupils from Ventspils 1st Gymnasium, Ventspils Centre Preliminary School, National Armed Forces and Youth Guards, as well as everyone who is willing to do sports.

Climbing Wall

Sports hall “Centre” has the largest and modern climbing wall in the Baltic States – it is 11 m wide, 14m high, with an overhang of approximately 6m, as well as 30m long bouldering wall, whose length and diversity of routes allow to use it also for professional climbers as means of warming up, by exercising stamina and advancing long climbing technique exercising.

The climbing wall of the sports hall “Centre” is closed from October till spring. Meanwhile climbers can use the climbing wall of sports hall “Pārventa”.

Climbing practices take place only under supervision of instructors. Climbing practices help to advance harmonic spiritual and physical health of personality, strengthens health, develops memory and intellect, as well as such qualities as determination and persistence, initiative, decisiveness and courage.

Practices take place under supervision of instructor on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 17.00 – 20.00 and Saturdays, Sundays by calling and informing in advance on the phone number 28237749 (instructor Kārlis).

More information about climbing sport and practices on the home page of Ventspils Climbing Club:

Hall of Sports Games

The size of hall of sports games is 36x20m, it has stationary spectators platform with 150 places. This hall is suitable for playing basketball, volleyball and tennis.

Shooting Gallery

There are 8 shooting tracks in the sports hall “Centre” with the possibility to shoot from 50 m, 25 m and 10 m distances. Up to now there have been important competitions within the framework of the II and III Olympic games of Latvia; however on daily basis this place is open to everyone. Especially welcome are those who want to shoot their own guns. See prices in the section “Prices”.

Additional information by calling the instructor Uldis Jaunsproģis on the phone number: 26549265.

Type of service Unit of measure

Price incl. VAT


Use of sport
game area
1 hour 35.00 with competition lighting, scoreboard, 2 dressing rooms
1 hour 25.00 with workout regime light , 1 dressing room, working days from 18.00 till 21.00
1 hour 21.00 with workout regime light , 1 dressing room, holidays - during whole sport game area working time;
working days - from 8.00 till 18.00 and from 21.00 till 22.00
1 hour 15.00 for tennis trainings Wednesdays from 8.00 till14.00 with workout regime light, 1 dressing room
Use of heavy athletics hall 1 hour 45.00 for competitions, with 1 dressing room
1 hour 25.00 for trainig, with 1 dressing room

Use of Shooting Gallery

use of whole Shooting Gallery 1 hour 30.00 use of whole Shooting Gallery
Use of 1 shooting track for B and C category weapons 1 hour 6.00 individual visit with own weapon and munition
shooting with an pneumatic rifle 10 shots 0.40 Time limit - up to 30 minutes.
Shooting with a small-caliber rifle 22LR MP-161K 1 magazine 3.00 Magazine=10 bullets. Time limit - up to 30 minutes. Initial instruction is mandatory.
Shooting with small-caliber  pistol MCM 1 magazine 2.50 Magazine =7 bullets. Time limit - up to 30 minutes. Initial instruction is mandatory.
Shooting with a battle pistol 9*18 PМ 1 magazine 5.00 Magazine = 8 bullets. Time limit - up to 30 minutes. Initial instruction is mandatory.
Shooting with a battle pistol 9*19 СZ-75 1 magazine 10.00 Magazine=15 bullets. Time limit - up to 30 minutes. Initial instruction is mandatory.
Instruction at shooting B and C kategory weapons 1 hour 5.00  
Use of additional dressing room 1 hour 7.00  
Use of shower and dressing room 1 hour 2.00 for 1 person
Use of tennis equipment 1 hour 3.00 The equipment includes: 2 tennis rackets, 6 balls
Use of Climbing wall 1 hour 30.00 Use of whole climbing wall for competitions
1 hour 20.00 Use of whole climbing wall for training
15 min. 2.00 for one person - individual visit without  instruction,with seecurity, including equipment
1 hour 5.00 training for one person with an instructor, including equipment
1 hour 3.00 instructor-led group sessions, including equipment
8 times
(monthly membership card)
20.00 instructor-led group sessions, including equipment
1 hour 6.00 for one person - individual visit with own inventory, without instructor

Note: There is a possibility to divide the time of use of sport game area and dressing rooms - ½  hour (30 min.), making the price to be 50% of the price for 1 hour, on condition that  minimum use of time not less than 1 hour. Other division is not possible.


Working time

Sports Hall "Centre":
Weekdays: 12:00 - 22:00
Saturdays: 10:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 10:00 19:00


Sports Hall "Centre"
Address: Brīvības street 14

Manager of Sports Hall "Centre":
A. Valerts: 29149170

Administrator: 27817093