About the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”

Olympic Centre “Ventspils” Ltd is one of the largest and most modern sports complexes in Latvia engaging in popularisation of the Olympic movement, promotion of high professional sports achievements and development of mass sports. Under the management of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” there are basketball and ice halls, stadium, otel, Water amusement park, sports hall “Pārventa”, football stadium on Katoļu Street 40, sports hall “Centre”, skate parks, “Beach Aqua Park”, rowing complex “Dampeļi”, skiing hill “Lemberg’s Trilby” and “Adventure Park” . Owners of the equity captal of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” are Ventspils City Municipality and Latvian Olympic Committee.

The idea bout creation of Olympic centres in Latvia first appeared at the end of the year 1994 when first Olympic centres in Ventspils and Daugavpils were created. In 2009, such centres were working as independent sports organizations already in 10 municipalities.

By looking back at the history of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, it is important to highlight the following development phases:

19 94

December 30 : Olympic Centre “Ventspils” foundation meeting ;

19 95 February 8: the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia
19 96

May: launching of two tennis courts with artificial cover;

19 97 October 25: opening of the basketball hall
19 99 Renovation of stadium, construction of modern natural grass cover football pitch with heating possibilities; ;
Beginning of ice hall construction that together with track and field arena is finished on November 2000 and is acknowledged as that year’s  best newly constructed building;
20 00

August: opening of summer skate park which in the following years is being updated;

20 01

Olympic Centre “Ventspils” starts to manage the Water Amusement Park;
Summer: opening of another two new tennis courts
Autumn: beginning of Beach Aqua Park construction which s opened on May 2002;

20 03

May: Beach Aqua Park is updated with additional new constructions;
Opening of Olympic Centre “Ventspils” hotel ***;
Renovation of stadium

20 05

August 1: opening of football stadium on Katoļu Street 40;
Autumn: winter skate park is open to its visitors;
December: skiing hill “Lemberga Hūte” is open to its visitors;

20 06

Summer Skate Park is updated with a large ramp;
Opening of sports hall “Pārventa”;;
Beginning of construction of sports hall “Centre”;

20 07

Reconstruction of the football pitch nearby the sports hall “Pārventa”
“Adventure Park” and BMX  race track and football pitch is open to its visitors;
Beginning of reconstruction of Ventspils Water Amusement Park;
Spring: beginning of construction of “Adventure Park” service building which starts to work at the end of 2007

20 08

May: opemimg of sports hall “Centre”;
“Adventure Park” is updated with new attractions for familes;
Additional construction works for the café of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” are started which are finished at the beginning of 2009.

20 09 December: finishing of large scale reconstruction  works of Ventspls Water Amusement Park.
20 10

Since May till December 2011: creation of mini-pitch football pitch with a synthetic cover on Sporta Street 5;
August:  construction of Conference Hall in the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” hotel on Prospect Lielais 33.

20 11

From July till November: tennis court reconstruction on Sports Street 5;

20 12

April: beginning of reconstruction of rowing complex “Dampeļi”;
August: beginning of reconstruction works of service building in Adventure Park..


During the last years the Olympic Centre has held large scale culture and sports events: the Olympic Games of Latvia, Youth Olympic Games of Latvia, World championships in ice hockey for women and youth, competitions in track and field athletics “Ventspls šķēpi”  and the Cup of the Olympic champion Dainis Kūla in javelin-throwing, European Championship in short track and orienting sports etc. One of the traditions is to host the final concert of the song competition “Muzikālā banka”.

The Olympic Centre “Ventspils” not only provides access to sports complexes corresponding to international demands, but also provide financial support to talented and promising sportsmen within the framework of the programme “High Class Sportsmen and Perspective Ventspils Sportsmen Support” (Augstas klases sportistu un Ventspils perspektīvo sportistu atbalstīšana). Every day sports clubs from more than 30 cities are practicing in the sports complexes of Olympic Centre “Ventspils”; furthermore teams from all over the country and also from abroad come here to fulfil their sports skills.

Sports and Recreations Complexes

The Olympic Centre “Ventspils” oversees and manages the largest sports complexes in Ventspils:

  • The central sports complex with basketball and ice hall, track and field athletics arena and stadium with two football pitches, track and field athletics sector and tennis courts on Sporta Street 7/9:
  • Summer SkatePark - Sporta Street 5
  • Indoor Skate Park - Lāčplēša Street 7
  • Football stadium - Katoļu Street 40
  • Water Amusement Park with a small and large swimming pool - Lauku Street 5
  • Sports hall “Center” - Brīvības Street 14
  • Sports hall „Pārventa” - Tārgales Street  5b


The Olympic Cnetre “Ventpils” also oversees the objects of active recreation – Beach Aqua Park (Medņu Street 14 - www.pludmalesakvaparks.lv) and “Adventure Park”  with the most popular object – skiing hill “Lemberga Hūte” (Saules Street 141 - www.piedzivojumuparks.lv and www.lembergahute.lv). You can enjoy water attractions and SPA services in the Water Amusement Park on Lauku Street 5 (www.udensparks.lv)
However those who have decided to stay in Ventspils for more than one day, we can offer to stay in the hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventpils” (Prospect Lielais 33 - www.hotelocventspils.lv).